Kindergarten Graduation Day

From Little Seeds to Blooming Flowers: Celebrating Kindergarten Graduation “Kindergarten is a magical time where the seeds of curiosity, creativity, and lifelong learning are planted in the minds of our youngest children.” On March 10, 2023, Salwan Public School, Gurugram, celebrated Kindergarten graduation ceremony with great zeal and enthusiasm. This was a grand event that was held in two slots. The ceremony began with the lighting of the lamp, symbolizing the victory of knowledge over ignorance, followed by Surya Namaskar performance by the students of grade -II invoking the blessings of the divine. Respected principal ma’am, Ms. Rashmi Malik, then delivered a heart-warming welcome address, emphasizing the importance of early childhood education and congratulated the students on their successful completion of kindergarten. The students of class II then took centre stage, for anchoring. The highlight of the ceremony was the video presentation that showcased the glimpses of all the events and activities done by the students throughout the year. The audience was treated to a visual feast of the students’ art and craft, music and dance performances, and other co-curricular activities. The video was a testament to the hard work and dedication of the teachers and staff, who had nurtured and guided the students throughout the year. The most awaited moment of the event was the graduation dance performance, where the kindergarten students performed flawlessly on stage, adorned in their graduation robes and hats. The students looked marvellous, and their dance performance left the audience awestruck. The ceremony also included a heart-warming segment where a few students shared their experiences and feelings for their teacher, expressing their gratitude and appreciation for the guidance and support provided by their teacher throughout the year. The ceremony was concluded with the felicitation of the kindergarten students. Each student was given a title name, and a video presentation representing the same was shown. The students were awarded a certification and a memento in the form of a printed mug. Grade-I students gave a warm welcome to the kindergarten students, ushering them into their transitional journey to the grade ahead. The parents were overwhelmed by their ward’s performance and shared their experiences of the journey in Kindergarten. The event ended with a vote of thanks by our respected headmistress ma’am, Ms. Kumud Aneja, expressing gratitude to everyone who contributed to the event’s success, including the students, parents, and teachers. Overall, the Kindergarten Graduation ceremony was an elegant and memorable event that will remain etched in the memories of the students, parents, and teachers. The students, dressed in their finest attire, bid farewell to their cherished friends and respected teachers, knowing deep down that this was not just a goodbye, but a poignant moment that would stay with them forever. For these students, the end of one chapter marked the beginning of another, and they were ready to embrace it with open hearts and minds.



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