Grandparents Day Celebrations

The grand and momentous Grandparents’ Event was inaugurated with great reverence as the elderly guests were cordially greeted with a Chandan Tilak, by our tiny tots. This ceremonious welcome was a fitting tribute to the esteemed Grandparents, who were being honoured for their invaluable contributions to the family and society.
The program then proceeded with an illustrious start as the Principal, Ms Rashmi Malik, a paragon of erudition and leadership, graced the occasion with her presence and kindled the lamp. Grandparents, who were beaming with pride and joy, also had the privilege of lighting the lamp, signifying their role as torchbearers of wisdom and guidance.
The cultural extravaganza that ensued was a treat for the senses as the little cherubs, with their endearing innocence and grace, enthralled the audience with their spellbinding dance performance on Achyutam Keshavam.The festivities commenced with a small yet poignant address by our Principal, who expressed her heartfelt gratitude towards the grandparents for their unwavering love and support. Following this, the little ones put up a charming performance by singing a soulful thank you song dedicated to the grandparents. The merrymaking continued with the much-awaited game for grandfathers.The event took a nostalgic turn with the young students taking to the stage for a mesmerizing dance performance on the Bollywood tunes of the bygone eras of 60s, 70s, and 80s followed by a thrilling game.Adding to the zest of the event, the tiny tots enthralled the audience with their splendid Zumba performance. The event then concluded with the grandparents sharing their feedback, expressing their elation and joy at watching their beloved grandchildren perform with such fervour and passion.The curtain finally came down on the event with a gracious thank you note from our director sir, who applauded the efforts put in by everyone to make the event a resounding success. It was a delightful celebration that was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone present, making it a memorable experience that will be cherished for a long time to come.

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