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Tête-a-Tête with Alumni

Alumni of an institution can play an immense positive role in higher education transformation. Keeping this in mind Tête-a-Tête series with our school Alumni was organized on 19th & 20th July,2022 for students of class XI & XII who have opted for Psychology as an elective subject. The Launchpad in this direction had   been initiated in the month of April when the school planned extensive Career Counselling sessions by our esteemed alumni.


Day 1 was taken by our esteemed Alumni, Mr. Siddharth Trigunayat, batch 2017-18 student who is pursuing Masters in Clinical and Counselling Psychology from the prestigious Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. He completed his B.A Psychology Honours from Ambedkar University. Considering the fact that the world had lately suffered through a pandemic, people have realised the importance of mental health and actually started taking psychotherapies. The stigma around mental health is gradually coming to an end. Mr. Siddharth strongly believes that there’s a wide scope for psychology and there are many budding professions in the field like art, drama and music therapy and consumer behaviour psychology.


Day2, was taken by our very enthusiastic alumni, Ms. Garima Sharma, batch 2019-20 student. She is currently in the final semester of B.A Applied Psychology Honours from Delhi University. The alumni shared her experiences of internships in various branches of psychology and encouraged the students to come out of their comfort zones and explore themselves by participating in internships and gaining real time experiences. She spoke in detail about on-field view of psychology and How to do a Research. In her interactive session, she highlighted the role of different psychologist at work and which research work they do. She explained vividly the scope and importance of research work. Both the sessions were a right mix of theory, practical and anecdotes. The students appreciated the alumni for their great presentation style and also discussing about real life examples which made the sessions informative and enjoyable.


“Mathematics is one of the essential emanations of the human spirit – a thing to be valued in and for itself – like art or poetry.”

Salwan Public School ,Gurugram is organizing Mathematics Euphoria – an Inter School Mathematics Competition 2021 under the aegis of Gurgaon Progressive Schools Council. With an inception of the idea of Integration and connection of Mathematics with other subjects and relating to everyday life situations , a virtual Inter School Mathematics Competition has been organized for students of classes III- VIII.

The different competitons for which the students will be participating are as follows:

  • Rhyme-O- Maths :Class III
    The participants will be sending self composed rhymes based on Mathematical Concepts
  • Tale with a Mathematical Twist : Class IV
    The participants will create  a tale comprising of Mathematical concepts
  • Maths Story Board :Class V
    The participants will create a story board using Mathematical concepts
  • Mathematical Dance: Class VI,VII
    The participants will be creating a dance performance syncing Mathematical concepts into it.
  • Humour O Maths:Class VIII
    The participants will be enacting hilarious Mathematical Jokes.

St Columba MUN 2021

St Columba, Delhi organized online MUN conference for three days.
Dates: 30 to 31st July 2021
Platform: Microsoft Teams

Eight students from Salwan Public School, Gurugram participated in all four committees.

There were four committees with the following agendas

1. UNGA III (SOCHUM): Examining the situation of Uyghurs in the Chinese Autonomous regions of Xinjiang.
2. UNHRC: Addressing the Human Rights Violations in light of recent events between Israel and Palestine.
3. UNCSW: achieving gender equality through generation equality with special emphasis on accessible and sustainable opportunities for education and employment
4. PCI: Discussing the accountability of Press in India with emphasis on Yellow Journalism

MUN started with inaugural ceremony which was held on July 30, 2021. Participants found the debates, speeches and discussions informative, intelligent and  enriching. There were delegates from various schools all over the country which provided the participants a wider horizon to looking at the issues.

EBs were helping and guided well with their insights.

In the feedback session with students after the event, they shared that the participation was inspirational, exciting and enlightening. Eesha, one of the winning participants shared her input “I believe I won because of putting in more creative solutions than sticking to the orthodox solutions and explaining the selected solutions in detail. I was overwhelmed with the quality of debates and wish to continue participating in the future.”

Interestingly, there was a quiz organised by St Columba for all the participants. Nine students were declared winners and one student out of nine was Natasha Verma, a student from Salwan Public School, Gurugram.


S No Names Class & Sec Committee
1 Arunima Singh XII UNGA
2 Chhavi Khanduja XI C PCI
3 Himanshi Sharma XI D UNCSW
4 Eesha Srivastava XI D UNCSW
5 Natasha Mittal XI D UNGA
6 Nupur Pahuja X A UNGA
7 Aarushi Vashisth X A UNHRC
8 Vaibhav Gupta X C UNHRC


S No Names Class & Sec Committee
1 Eesha Srivastava XI D UNCSW
2 Natasha Mittal XI D UNGA
3 Vaibhav Gupta X C UNHRC

Quiz Winner

1 Natasha Mittal XI D UNGA

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