House System

Students are allotted houses from class III onwards. This system gives the students ample opportunities through Inter- House Competitions. House Assemblies and different cultural programmes are organized to promote a harmonious growth in a competitive learning environment.

The student body is divided into four houses; each house represents an element of nature :

House Colour



Prithvi Green The colour green symbolizes being eco-friendly and conservation and preservation of the environment
  • Cleanliness of the School Campus
  • Best practices to be adopted to save resources
  • Conservation of Natural Resources
Sagar Off White The colour off white represents froth of white waves of the gigantic ocean which depicts the insatiable thirst for knowledge
  • To raise the bar of excellence
  • Peer Teaching
  • Spoken English
  • Discipline (To check uniform, hair cut and proper shoes, to check ‘Late Comers’)
Akash Blue The Blue colour symbolizes absolute freedom from the rigidity and orthodoxy for the overall development
  • To build up and strengthen teams for all games
  • To organize friendly matches
  • To monitor all inter house and outside competitions
Srishti Red The Red colour symbolizes the concept of universal consciousness and brotherhood
  • Cultural events
  • Celebration of festivals
  • Assemblies-Regular assembly and special assembly (P.A system, laptop and all other requirements)
  • Announcements

Student Council Election

In the month of April/May, students from class III onwards select their Head Boy / Girl in a democratic setup through electronic voting system for Primary and Senior. The Student Council helps the school administration in decision making regarding the rules to run the school efficiently.


  • Inter-house competitions of all the scholastic and co-scholastic activities are scheduled every month.
  • House uniform is compulsory for participating in house events / activities.
  • Students must wear House uniform on every Tuesday & Saturday

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