Exchange Programmes

Interface with Ms. Lynne Moten

Ms. Lynne Moten’s, the global collaborative partner of Salwan Public School, Gurugram, from Adelaide,  Australia, visit to our school on Wednesday, 17 January, 2024 was a transformative experience for grade 9 learners. Focusing on the meaning and purpose behind resilience, she delved into thought-provoking concepts such as “flourishing together for dignity.” Ms. Moten emphasized key factors contributing to contentment, addressing the utopian complex, and encouraging reflection on how individuals treat those closest to them. Her session also explored the motivations behind actions, advocating for a shift towards being a servant leader rather than a self-serving one. Students were challenged to serve authentically and consider their spiritual purpose. Ms. Moten urged the importance of self-dependence, advising against relying solely on parental support. The visit left an indelible mark, inspiring students to reflect on their personal resilience and leadership qualities.

‘Harmony in Holidays: Salwan & Cranbourne's Global Christmas Exchange’

On December 18th, 2023, an online Christmas exchange was organized for the students of class V, Salwan Public School, Gurugram, and Cranbourne Carlisle Primary School (CCPS), fostering global connections. Principals initiated a conversation, facilitating the exchange of traditions, adding cultural understanding. Students shared unique Christmas customs, fostering appreciation for global diversity. The program concluded with a virtual dance party to Jingle Bells, connecting students across cultures. This successful exchange achieved its goal of global connections, charitable activities, and sharing festive joy.

Foreign Exchange Program- Australian Delegates

The visit of Australian delegate to Salwan Public School, Sector-15, Gurugram on 11th, 12th and 13th  October 2023, marked a significant milestone in our efforts to strengthen international collaborations in the field of education. Ms. Sally Webb, Principal, Cranbourne Carlisle Primary School was warmly welcomed to the school campus by the Vice Principal, Headmistress, Coordinator (Montessori-II) along with the students. Ms. Sally Webb was briefed about the Assessments and National Curriculum Framework by the facilitators of foundational years. They explained the teaching and assessment practices followed by Salwan schools under the umbrella of NCF-FS which emphasizes a learner-centric, holistic and skill-based approach to education.

Ms. Sally also presented an overview of her school, Cranbourne Carlisle Primary School, sharing insights into their educational practices, curriculum, and the unique features of the school. The presentation aimed at delivering a deeper understanding of Australian education.

Australia Student Exchange Programme

12 students of grade XI and XII and 2 teachers from All Saints College, Perth, Australia visited our school on January 15, 2020. The motive of this visit was to shorten the distances between two countries and acquire knowledge about different cultures and traditions. The school’s Vice Principal, Dr Sunita Jakhar addressed the gathering and apprised them about different activities organised in school to promote holistic development of the students. The visiting students and teachers attended different academic and co-curricular and sports activities organised for them.The Australian delegates shared their holistic experience and expressed their gratitude to the host school. The exchange visit has indeed strengthened the bond of friendship and camaraderie between the two schools

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