Japanese language Culture and Calligraphy Workshop

On August 22, 2023, Grade 6-8 students embarked on an educational journey to the Japan Foundation Green Park. The purpose of the visit was to engage the students in an immersive Japanese language, culture, and calligraphy workshop.
The Japanese language, culture, and calligraphy workshop conducted by the Japan Foundation Green Park on August 22, 2023, provided grade 6-8 students with a unique and enriching experience. The workshop successfully achieved its objectives of promoting cross-cultural understanding and appreciation. The students left the event with a deeper appreciation for Japanese traditions and a sense of accomplishment from their calligraphy endeavors.
The event not only enriched the students’ knowledge but also fostered a sense of cultural curiosity and open-mindedness, aligning with the broader goals of holistic education. It is evident that such workshops play a crucial role in nurturing students’ understanding of the global community and their place within it

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