Blog Collaboration of Salwan Public School and Rooftop


Proposal for blog collaboration of Salwan Public School, Gurugram and Rooftop


Empowering Education with Art: Salwan Public School and Rooftop’s Trailblazing Union for Unconventional Learning


At Salwan Public School, we believe in providing holistic education that nurtures young minds and encourages creative thinking. In line with our philosophy, we embarked on a remarkable collaboration with Rooftop, participating in their innovative ‘Phad se Padh’ initiative. This groundbreaking project allowed our students to explore the captivating world of Phad painting, a 700-year-old art form from Rajasthan, while integrating it with modern academic subjects. The impact of this collaboration has been transformative, enabling our students to gain a deeper understanding of their subjects and fostering an appreciation for the rich cultural heritage of India. Click here to read more….


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