27th Rakt Daan Shivir

In the spirit of duty and righteousness, Salwan Education Trust conducted its 27th Rakt Daan Shivir in collaboration with the Armed Forces Transfusion Centre on 2nd December 2023. The event is held annually to honour the valour of our soldiers who safeguard our nation’s borders.
The camp was organised at Salwan Public School, Gurugram and witnessed a substantial turnout of donors, reflecting the enthusiasm and commitment of the participants. A team of qualified doctors from Armed Forces Transfusion Centre along with the faculty of Salwan Public School, Gurugram supervised the entire process, from registration to post-donation care.
The 27th Rakt Daan Shivir commenced with great enthusiasm and purpose, marked by the Inauguration Ceremony by the esteemed Guest of Honour, Major General C G Muralidharan, Commandant, Base Hospital, Delhi Cantt. He took a comprehensive round of the camp and engaged himself in meaningful interactions with the doctors of AFTC, nurses and donors. The event unfolded with the symbolic lighting of a ceremonial lamp, setting a reverent tone for the event.
Subsequently, students from classes 4 and 5 showcased their talents through a cultural program. Recitation of soul-stirring shlokas, added a spiritual dimension to the event. The Junior Student Council President Avni and Vice President Medhansh extended a warm welcome to the distinguished guests and dignitaries on behalf of the school. The Guest of Honour, Major General C G Muralidharan, Commandant, Base Hospital, Delhi Cantt, was felicitated by the Director, Major General Surinder Singh Ati Vishist Sewa Medal, Sena Medal, Vishist Sewa Medal.
Furthermore, the parents delivered a wonderful choir performance that captivated the audience. The program also took the audience on a nostalgic journey through past editions of the blood donation camp, highlighting the enduring partnership between Salwan Education Trust and the Armed Forces Transfusion Centre. This partnership is a testament to the institution’s commitment to national service. The cultural program reached its peak with a lively dance performance featuring various Indian classical dance forms. This energetic presentation celebrated our nation’s cultural diversity and emphasized Salwan Education Trust’s dedication to promoting and preserving India’s rich artistic heritage.
Afterwards, Major General C. G. Muralidharan, Commandant, Base Hospital, Delhi Cantt, addressed the gathering where he thanked Salwan Educational Trust, the Management Committee, the Chairman, the Director and the Principal. He commended the well-organized Blood Donation Camp, noting its consistent execution over time, which reflects efficiency, values, and a commitment to education in preparing the next generation of India. He also praised and specifically lauded the anchoring team and participants for their articulate speech, confidence, and overall efficiency, emphasizing the positive impact the school has on shaping students’ lives. He expressed the belief that if the upcoming generation continues similarly, one could confidently retire, assured that the nation is in capable hands. He expressed Team Base’s pride in being associated with such a cause and expressed a desire to return as a Guest of Honour in the following year. On behalf of Team Base, the speaker conveyed gratitude for the privilege of participating in the well-executed event.
The event culminated with Delisha Yadav, Class Representative Junior Student Council expressing gratitude to the participants, parents, IT department, the Directors and Principals of Salwan schools, Trustees, Management Committee members, blood donors and most importantly the Guest of Honour, Major General C. G. Muralidharan, Commandant, Base Hospital, Delhi Cantt.
As the program concluded, the participants and audience were invited to join in the noble act of generosity, reinforcing the values of gratitude, duty, and service to the nation. Additionally, the Guest of Honour, Major General C. G. Muralidharan, Commandant, Base Hospital, Delhi Cantt acknowledged the possessions earmarked for donation by Salwan Education Trust and a generous donation of 10 wheelchairs and 50 blankets was made to the Base Hospital, further embodying the spirit of community service.
Following this, the Guest of Honor, Major General C. G. Muralidharan, Commandant, Base Hospital, Delhi Cantt, the Director, the Principal, the President, and the Class Representative of the Junior Student Council concluded the Blood Donation program with a grand flagging-off ceremony. The 27thRaktDaanShivir concluded at 1:15 pm, with a notable collection of 138 units of blood donated to Armed Forces. Salwan Public School expresses gratitude to the participating donors, medical professionals, volunteers and faculty members whose collective efforts made the blood donation camp a noteworthy success.

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