CBSE Skill Expo 2023

Following the progressive direction set by NEP 2020, CBSE conducted a two-days’ National Summit on the topic, ‘Facilitating School to Work Transition’ on 19th & 20th September, 2023 at ICAR Auditorium, Library Avenue, Pusa, New Delhi. It provided a platform for students to display their innovative projects, creative skill work and ideas aimed at entrepreneurship among Indian Youth. The students of Salwan Public School, Gurugram showcased two projects in the Summit.
Project-1-The Gravity Battery
The ‘Gravity Battery’ is a unique and eco-friendly energy storage solution designed to harness the power of gravity to store and release energy. The system relies on the principles of gravitational potential energy and employs a simple yet ingenious design. It involves the lifting of heavy weights, such as rocks or concrete blocks, to a certain height, which stores potential energy. This potential energy can then be converted into electrical energy when needed, effectively creating a sustainable and renewable energy source.
Project-2-Art Integration
Our Art Project ‘Conserving Traditional Art Forms and Building Entrepreneurial Skills’ showcased how visual art offers a unique canvas for fostering entrepreneurship skills and transcending traditional business methods. Traditional teaching methods often compartmentalize subjects, neglecting the potential for synergy between arts and academics. The project addressed the issue of integration of art forms with the content of core subjects in education, which is a compelling challenge that demands innovative solutions.
Our participation at the CBSE Skills Expo 2023 exceeded our expectations in terms of the response we received. Our stall witnessed an overwhelming footfall throughout the event. Visitors were genuinely interested in our projects and skills demonstrations. Many expressed their appreciation for our dedication to sustainability, traditional arts, and the proficiency we displayed in various skill-based subjects.

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