Parliament Visit – DESH AUR HUM 2.0

On August 24, 2023, a group of talented students from Salwan Public School Gurgaon, winners of the “DESH AUR HUM 2.0” Nukkad Natak competition organized by NADT, were bestowed with a prestigious opportunity to visit the esteemed Pride Parliament along with Principal Rashmi Malik and teacher coordinator Ms Ramanjeet kaur This exclusive visit was intended to provide them with a profound insight into the intricate workings of India’s parliamentary system. The event was graciously hosted by Mr. PK Malik, the Director of Lok Sabha Secretariat, and Mr. Madhukar Bagaat, the Assistant Director General of NADT.
The event was inaugurated with a warm address by Mr. PK Malik and Mr. Madhu Bagaat, who extended their heartfelt welcome to the students, teachers, and principals in attendance. They conveyed their delight in hosting the competition winners as distinguished guests and underscored the importance of first-hand engagement with the parliamentary processes.
During his address, Mr. Malik expounded upon the pivotal role of the Parliament in shaping the country’s laws and policies. He engaged the students in a dynamic Q&A session, delving into diverse subjects such as the forthcoming parliamentary building, reservation policies, and other intricate topics. Mr. Malik’s comprehensive responses not only met the students’ queries but also augmented their comprehension of these multifaceted matters.
Subsequently, Mr. Madhu Bagaat took the stage to navigate the discourse towards the realms of taxation and governance. He shared invaluable insights into the mechanics of taxation and its far-reaching implications for the nation’s governance framework. His discourse seamlessly extended to the concept of effective governance and its profound impact on the nation’s progress.
The narrative then seamlessly transitioned to scientific milestones, as Mr. Malik expounded upon India’s successful soft landing of the Chandrayaan lunar mission. He underscored the significance of nurturing aspirations to contribute to such scientific feats and encouraged the students to contemplate subjects like taxation and governance, given their current stage of life.
A cornerstone of the event involved addressing equality and rights. Mr. Malik eloquently discussed the fundamental rights enshrined in the Constitution, underscoring the imperative of upholding equality and justice for all citizens.
The enriching session culminated in a refreshment break, after which the students embarked on a captivating library visit. This phase offered them an opportunity to deepen their understanding of parliamentary processes, historical artifacts, and related content.
The zenith of the visit was undoubtedly the guided tour of the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha buildings. This excursion enabled the students to glean insights into the architecture, history, and operational dynamics of these iconic parliamentary chambers. This aspect of the visit profoundly acquainted the students with the locales where critical legislative decisions unfold and the ambiance in which they transpire.
In summation, the Parliament visit on August 24, 2023, bestowed the competition winners with an enlightening and educational encounter. The interactions with Mr. PK Malik and Mr. Madhu Bagaat, coupled with the dialogues concerning parliamentary procedures, taxation, governance, and allied pertinent themes, along with the immersive parliamentary building tour, collectively served to expand the horizons of the students’ perspectives and deepen their appreciation of India’s democratic framework.

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