Middle and Senior Wing

The School upholds the belief that true education is training both the heart and the mind. Keeping this in mind, the Scholastic and Co-Scholastic Curricula at the Middle and Senior level is designed to inculcate High Order Thinking Skills and instil human values of Compassion, Empathy and Righteousness, thereby creating Responsible Citizens of the World. The school understands, accepts, and values each type of learner and takes cognizance of their learning style in myriad ways.

To equip our students with critical thinking, communication and collaboration skills, they are involved in National and International Exchange Programmes, Webinars , Adventure Camps and Inter School Competitions. This is further accentuated by providing a congenial learning environment in the state-of-the-art Science, Computer and Media laboratories. Our Scholastic and Co-scholastic Clubs encourage them to make choices based on interest, and take responsibility towards their learning and growth. The opportunity to be a part of the Student Council from Class XI grooms not just their Leadership Skills but also Interpersonal Skills- a pre-requisite for being a Global Citizen.

Keeping up with the New Education Policy, the students of classes XI-XII are given a plethora of options to choose a subject combination of their interest, which is a precursor to excel. This has accredited many of our students with excellent placements in prestigious institutions worldwide. Ours is an Inclusive School which empowers Specially Abled Students to thrive in harmony with others. The highly proficient faculty is sensitive to the needs of each student and provides a caring and loving environment to all.

The thrust is to nurture the students who are sensitive to the needs of the society at large, and work towards a progressive global culture.