Hunar Mela Exhibition – CUM – SALE

An exhibition of traditional art and craft called Hunar Mela was successfully put up by craftsmen at Salwan Public School. The purpose of the event was to support and highlight the abilities of regional artists while giving them a forum to interact with the public. Visitors had the chance to admire and buy distinctive handcrafted goods at the mela, helping to support the craftsmen’ livelihoods.
Honourable Chief guest, Ms Archana Capoor, Secretary at Indian Trust for Rural Heritage & Development, Inaugurated the event by lighting the lamp and imparting the light of knowledge upon us. The Vice Principal, Headmistress, Coordinators, Staff members, Parents and Students also joined the ceremony.
The Hunar Mela at Salwan Public School was a wonderful and unforgettable celebration of traditional artistic endeavours. In addition to giving local artists a stage to display their skills, it also helped participants get a greater understanding of the depth of cultural tradition. The event’s benefits to the neighbourhood and local craftsmen serve yet another testament to the value of conserving and supporting traditional artistic styles. The event’s planners and attendees hope to host more similar occasions in the future to preserve and honour the spirit of innovation and cultural variety.

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