Parents' Representative


Salwan Public School, Gurugram is keen to work collaboratively with the parent community to improve the educational experiences for our students. Education is a partnership between the school and parents and thus, dialogue, communication and discussions are critical towards strengthening the journey.

In order to meet this objective, the school has started a Parent Representative Committee to represent every class of the school.

The Parent Representative would become a link between the parent of a class and the school. This committee meets every month to discuss not only areas of parental concerns but also suggest ways and means to support and strengthen the initiatives of the school. During the month Parent Representatives shall work with the larger parent body to carry forward any initiatives that are undertaken.

We see this Parent Representative Group as a strength wherein parents shall work closely with the school. The email id of the parent Representatives is

Sr. No Name Mobile
1. Ashish Gupta 9910109738
2. Monika Gera 9958914111
3. Amit Ghai 9958108098
4. Gurvinder Kaur 9818004836
5. Jitender Jaggi 9818999228
6. Dinesh Kharb 9873883700
7. Lalit Kumar Jhangra 9643322759
8. Dilip Kumar Gupta 9718010111
9. Ripudaman Singh Chauhan 9871296502