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Bus Behaviour Rules

Established rules ensure safety on the buses. Parents are advised to review these rules with the child.


•     Students must keep the aisles and walkway clear at all times.

•     Students must  report problems to the monitor and/or bus driver.

•     Students must  be courteous when getting on and off the bus.

•     Students must  only travel on their designated bus.

•     Students must  carry their ID card at all times when using the bus.

•     Students must  be ready and on time for both departure and pickup.

•     Students must  place trash in the bin or take it with them.

•     Students must not bring friends onto the bus

•     Younger students should have seating priority in the front of the bus.

•     Students should speak quietly throughout the bus journey.

•     Students should wait for the sign from the bus monitor to leave the bus.

•     Students should put away pencils, markers, rulers and any sharp or pointed items.

•     No music players, video games or electronic items without earphones.

•     Students must  treat the school bus conductor, monitor and driver with the same respect as they would their teachers.

•     Students must not place their hands, feet and/or head outside the windows of the bus at any time.

•     Students must eat or drink on the bus. They are responsible for cleaning up after themselves.

•     Students should stay away from control panels, automatic doors, etc. where injuries can occur.

•     Students must not throw objects, shout, or be responsible for verbal and/or physical abuse toward others – it is not tolerated.

•     Student infractions and their consequences are at the discretion of the private bus company and/or school administrator.

•     Students must  remain in their designated seat, face forward and wear their seatbelts throughout the bus journey, regardless of whether the bus is moving  or still.