CONSTRUCTION OF KNOWLEDGE : - The Yardstick vision is to make learning an enriching and joyful experience. We believe that making learning wholesome, meaningful and constructive can help us to achieve our vision. At School, anything and everything we do should meet the following criteria:

Is the learning relevant to the age and knowledge of children?

Are the children experiencing something new?

Are we providing enough space for children to express their view and explore their creativity?

Are children given enough opportunity to apply what they have learnt?

What we believe in:

Localization of content is necessary to create relevance.

Individualized learning instead of mass production of education.

Learning is a lifelong process and not an isolated event.

Mixture of content – books + activities + games will maximize learning.

Outstanding teacher engagement.

In giving parents meaningful ways of engaging in their child’s learning.

No child left behind – all children should be given opportunity to learn and not the best and brightest.

Indirectly accountable and responsible for all stakeholders.